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About Electric Man Game

electric man

Electric Man is a stickman fighting game where your primary aim is to win the Tournament Of Voltagen. At the beginning of the game you must choose your color and set the difficulty. I recommend you to start playing at easy mode. Your character can perform different slow motion attacks and moves to kill enemies and win the battle. There are several different types of enemies in the game. You will have to fight against strong and powerful enemies. In some battles, you will face several enemies at a time. Hope that you will enjoy the Electric Man flash game at our website.

A Brief History Of Electric Man Game Series

The first version of the game appeared more than 15 years ago, in 2007. It was created by Damien Clarke - an Australian software engineer. The game was created using Adobe Flash and by this time it was something very fresh and interesting because of the pretty nice graphics and great physics. Because of the growing popularity of the game, the developer later released the second and the third chapters of the game which had a better graphics and more difficult levels so people had to spend hours fighting with different types of enemies to complete the game.

By the end of 2020 year, the Adobe Flash was oficially disabled as well as most flash games. Those games which were extremely popular by that time, were moved by their developers to a new platform and continues their life. Others were shut down forever. The fate of the Electric Man game series would be the same but fortunately there is a solution how to run this flash game today. All you have to do is to use the latest emulator of flash games. Our website has a built-in simulator to run the game, you don't need to install additional software to enjoy this awesome retro game. The only disadvantage is that you can't enjoy it on your smartphones now, we are searching for the solution to fix this too.

How To Play

electric man fighting

You are about to enter the deadly fighting tournament where your mission is to win all battles and reach the final boss to get the trophy of Voltagen. Your mission is pretty difficult - you will have to fight with different types of enemies, sometimes their number can be more than 2 and their power will increase as you progress in the game. Most people say that love this game because of the awesome fighting scenes where it is up to you how to defeat your enemies - try quick attacks or make a combo of slow motion attack for best damage. When the fight begins, you will see the health bar of the characters on the top of the screen. Keep in mind that to win the battle you have to destroy all enemies.

The game seems to be easy but when you start playing it, you realize that it is very difficult to fight against 2 or 3 enemies on the small platform. You have to generate your own strategy how to achieve success - for example you can try to make a combo of quick attacks, then make all enemies stand in line and perform a slow motion attack for best results. There is one thing that you should know about those slow motion attacks - once your power goes to zero, you won't be able to perform them. Of cource, the power will raise again over time but that's the clue - use slow motion attacks when you are sure they can bring the biggest damage for your enemies.

The Main Features Of The Game:

Awesome gameplay with an array of different attack strategies.
Really cute stickman graphics as well as physics.
Different difficulty levels to choose.

Game Controls:

[Arrow keys] - move your character
Quick moves: [A], [S], [D]
Slow Motion moves: [Q], [W], [E]

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