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EvoWars io, a multiplayer io game in which you control a brave warrior and try to kill your enemies using your broadsword, is fun and exciting. Each enemy you kill or damage, your sword length increases, which allows you to inflict more death and destruction.

You must quickly move around the map to avoid swings from swords of other players. While you are trying to kill as many opponents as possible, you need to be careful and plan your moves. Can you conquer the EvoWars to become the greatest slayer in the land with the largest sword?

EvoWars io, a multiplayer IO game that focuses on killing and evolving into better warriors, is a great multiplayer IO. You can also play the game online for free. Your goal is to collect orbs and move around as a caveman. You will soon be able to see a powerful spartan or demon or God knows what other creature. Your weapon range and evolution level will increase with increasing levels. However, you will move slower if your evolution level is higher. It's one-hit one kill in this game. You can still sneak at powerful players and have a chance to kill them. However, it's recommended that you reach a higher level before you go after bigger enemies. Enjoy EvoWars IO!

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