Stick War

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The original version of the Stick War game was released in 2009 year on Flash Player platform and the game was so successful that even now, after 10 years it is played by hundreds of people. Of cource, the flash version is not available now, but you can run the game using emulators. Our website has a built in ruffle emulator so you can play the game without any additional software installed on your PC. If you have never played this game before I am sure that you will definitely enjoy it. It is a strategy game where you have to train army to attack enemy or secure your base. Your main mission is to destroy the monument of the enemies. Money is very important in this game, you have to hire miners to get some gold and train army. At the end of each battle you will be able to upgrade your soldiers to make them stronger and also unlock new units. Enjoy the full version of the Stick War for free.

Game Controls

[A][D] or [left]/[right] arrow to control character
[Space] to do action

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