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Ninja io has cool gameplay and is a great multiplayer shoot-em up game. You must be quick to react and keep up with the action. You only control one ninja stickman character. Use the WASD keys for movement of your ninja throughout the level. To bamboozle your opponents, you can do a variety of jumps, tricks and moves.

You can also be equipped with grenades and ranged weapons. There are two game modes available: capture the flag and deathmatch. Deathmatch is where you simply need to eliminate as many opponents possible. You can also capture the flag by trying to steal it and bring it back home. Do you have the ninja skills to show off?

Ninja io is a side-scrolling shooting video game that features violence and action. You can fight against many players with a variety of weapons. This game is available online as well as for free on Ninjaio.Us. You can choose a weapon to control a little ninja who is trying to kill everyone in your path on deathmatch mode. You can collect guns, grenades and snowballs, and use your energy to levitate to prove your skills as an ninja. You can also play capture flag in team mode. To score a point, you will need to go find the opponent's flag and bring it back to your base. To march to victory, choose a region such as North America or Europe. Are you up to taking out your enemies? Discover Ninja IO and get ready to shoot the living daylights out of your opponents!

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