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About Electric Man 3

Electric Man 2 was a thrilling and a challenging game play. However, after playing for several days, consistently, the game became easier and easier because the player would have mastered nearly all the levels and tactics. This is one of the major reasons the electric Man 3 is on the way. It is expected to have more challenges and captivating than the previous electric Man 2. This third version will be more like the previous level but this time it will have more fun, featured a series of great moves, power grabs, kicks and throws. But exactly are the new features that make this new version more appealing?

Character customization:

Before you start playing the game, you will have an opportunity to make various changes on your player. Apart from the changing of the color and name, in this new version you will even be able to change the experience of the player with the level as well as get more statistics as you continue playing.

More challenge:

in the electric Man 1 and 2, the focus is fighting with various groups using powerful move, kicks and grabs. The electric Man 3 will have a series of fights with more powerful opponents. The good part is that the players are also going to have additional power and techniques of handling the opponent groups. However the players are advised to concentrate more because a slight mistake may lead to a great mess.

The designers of this game are also working on getting rid of the various issues that ruins or that the players of the previous game complained about such lags in the middle of the fight. Electric Man 3 is not another game that you will master every step easily; it will take effort. What more would you want! Therefore if you are a computer game enthusiast like me, then here is the next big thing to go for.

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