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About Colonist io

Have you ever played an awesome board game which is called Settlers of Catan? If you answer is positive, let me introduce the online version of this addictive board game with new options and new brilliant graphics. This game is called Colonist io and the name may be not familiar to you because until 2019 year, the game was known as The developers made a decision to rebrend the game and have it a new name - which in fact is more suitable because your main mission is to become the colonist and conquer the lands.

How To Play Colonist io

Before starting to play you should answer the simple question - have you played this game before? If you have never played this game before you must watch the special tutorial video where you will get all needed information about how to play the game and control your territory. Even though that the game seems rather difficult, it will take you a few minutes to find out all information about it watching the tutorial is important for newbie player.

Games Modes Of

This game would never become so popular if it didn't have several game modes to fit any gaming taste. Being the online version of the popular board game, you migh already guessed that this game must have multiplayer mode. In fact, the game is available in 2 player mode, 4 player mode and also modes where you can play against bots. There are special rules for each game modes but the one thing is in common - you have to make your territory grow bigger by trading with other players and even fighting with them. You can also conquer other players and their territory to become the most powerful colonist on the server.

Why Is So Difficult?

In fact, it is not an ordinary game were you just have to take the gun and kill enemies to win the match. This game will test your trading skills and also ability to create your own strategy to achieve success. People fail to watch the tutorial and then say that this game is boring and does not have interesting gameplay - it is really unhonest to say something like that about this brilliant game. People who managed to get the rules of the game enjoy it very much. Now you can enjoy the full version of for free at our website.

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